Monday, 25 May 2009

Why Blog?

I've had quite a few comments recently about my blogging habit: usually along the lines of 'I couldn't be bothered' or 'How do you find the time?' or simply 'Why do you do it?'

Now this posting is really one of those odd things that one does for the simple reason that one can. It will be read by people who read or write blogs and understand anyway. But wotthehellarchiewotthehell. It may also be read by people who can recall my blogs Ideas, Busses, Buses and Missing Blogs and Sucked Into Blogland. I'd almost forgotten that I'd written those postings.

I started my Hebridean In New Zealand blog as a way of letting people in the UK who were always asking what I was up to know exactly that. It was also a diary which I could look back at and, hopefully, re-live and enjoy some of the best times of my life. Like many people I briefly kept a diary as a young man but I never persevered. I wish that I had. There is something beautiful and satisfying about nostalgia. As someone with an appalling memory and no conceptual ability whatsoever a blog is just about as perfect way as I can think of for satisfying the nostalgic diarist and photographer within me.

And I've made wonderful friends. For what more could one ask of life?


  1. I love your blogs. They are the first thing I turn to each morning - by the time I get up it is probably nearer to the afternoon!

    Keep on blogging please. xxxxx

  2. Continue on...you must :o)

    I don't bother explaining to anyone anymore...either they get it or they do not and for that matter - it's really about release and sharing.

    Some share the world by mouth, some share by writing, some by photos and others dancing or music or what it may be - some for more than that - but we all have a priority to share the parts of ourselves that we need to, because we simply must.

    I would have never had an opportunity to find such kindred, sweet and wonderful brothers if not for blogging ;o).

  3. I agree with the above comments wholeheartedly. It is a connection unparalleled. I've spoken with several people who say, "Who has time?" Well, we make time to do the things that we want. I never turn on the TV. I would much rather read and write blogs. The relationship with the TV would be very one-sided. :^)

  4. I love your blogs, they take me to places I will never visit. Keep "on blogging man" xx


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