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Sunday 10 May 2009

Such a Disappointment

There was a time when I knew my wines reasonably well in that I was aware, for example, of the best years for a Barolo that I could afford. To be honest as my wine consumption and the breadth of wines available in the supermarkets has increased my knowledge has decreased. and I rarely get my wine from a specialist wine merchant any more. However I still hanker after (origin Scriptor?) the Barolos I used to drink. Barolo is generally regarded as one of the 'safe' wines from Italy that is consistently good. I have to say that the ones I have bought in the last few years have been a disappointment. Anyway Gaz and I were in Oddbins yesterday and I saw a single bottle of Barolo remaining on the shelf. I always think that a single bottle is a good sign. So Gaz bought it.

We drank it last night. Oh dear. Of course it was acceptable. But not special. Certainly not worth its £22.

But, hey, if that's the greatest disappointment one faces in a day life can't be that bad.


  1. 'Hanker' will feature on words tommorow!

  2. Scriptor,
    It's because there was Okie word residue still lurking around.....
    You ain't heard nuthin' 'til you've heard a redneck have a hankerin' for somethin'.... (usually a chicken-fried steak with LOTS of gravy...) (Although I don't fit that category well as a vegetarian...)
    :^) ;^) :^)


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