Sunday 24 May 2009


CJ and I arrived back at Eagleton last night somewhere before 10pm - when the sun is just setting at that time of night in May I know that I'm on Lewis again. CJ's probably blogging about the journey and I've got one or two thing to post upon in due course. Today for me, however, has been one of those days that turned out to be exactly not what had been planned. Of course the first thing that we did was unpack and then I re-united Samantha with Palin and Henry. Now before anyone says that having three computers is excessive let me say that a) I agree and b) I have very good reasons for having them.

Henry is my PC, my desktop. He is large and and cumbersome and although he's not very old he's not as fast as he could be. But he's useful in a plodding sort of way (apologies to Don Marquis's spider) and does all my scanning of photos and so on and because his screen is large I use him for much of my photographic work when I'm in Eagleton.

Palin is my Laptop. Palin accompanies me to New Zealand and copes with my music (iTunes) and emails and lots of other things including my photos when I'm in New Zealand. Palin is indispensable but lacks stamina and has to have a rest after about 90 minutes to re-charge his batteries.

Samantha is my Notebook. She is light and portable and goes everywhere with me when I'm in the UK (and will probably go to New Zealand later this year as a special treat). She can go for about 7 hours with re-fuelling! She is my link to the outside world. She would probably have been my one and only companion had it not been for the fact that she is one of a new breed who have only come into their own quite recently. She is a Palin with no optical drive and less than half the weight and size (which means, of course, a much smaller screen). But then that's the thing about females - they can do almost everything that we males can do (and in some situations much more!) and do it with less fuss.

Anyway today I have been having some frustration in getting them all to talk to each other and transfer files and .... well you just really don't want to know. Needless to say that in between ironing 10 days of clothes whilst watching the Monaco Grand Prix I've been trying to sort out networks and things. Today I'm not a great liker of computers.

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  1. With 3 of them, GB, you'd better say very quietly that today you are not a great liker of computers, because with all 3 of them conspiring, they could definitely take over your life. If they already haven't.
    :^) ;^) ;^0


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