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Saturday 2 May 2009

A Naked Teacake

Yesterday in How To Spoil A Man I mentioned Tunnock's Teacakes. Heather wondered what one looked like inside and how big they are. Here are the answers:



  1. OH! Yummy, for sure. I am familiar with these and do recall them being called mallow somethings around here. They were my mother's favorite treat.

    Thank you, GB, for taking the time to do this :o).

  2. Too adorable. The sweetness is overwhelming. The sweetness of the treats themselves and the sweetness of you doing that for Heather.
    I can just picture you going through the whole procedure.
    (word verification: nonapi----to which I respond, oh, yesnapi. I just took one! And if want to take another, I WILL! It's my Saturday night! ;^) :^) ;^) )


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