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Monday 11 May 2009

It's Only 18 Hours

since I got up this morning and put the first load of washing in the machine. And yet it seems like that all happened days ago. And now I am sitting with Palin starting my blog posting for the day. I have a snackette to keep me going:

You can't see the glass of wine!

I started by making a list. Actually I made four of them: grocery shopping, all the other places I needed to go in Town (including a visit to the garden centre), things to be done in the garden and all the other things to be done. This accounted for a lot of paper!

By 0800 I had two complete washes out on the line. With not a cloud in the sky and a warm day in sight I washed everything I could think of. Mind you a week's clothes from my trip away helped.

After breakfast and refitting the radio weather station monitors I'd taken down whilst I was in New Zealand for the winter I went to town and returned after midday.

The weather was so warm and perfect that I spent the whole afternoon in the garden. I strimmed and mowed. I planted a dozen hebes and a couple of astilbes. I fixed a plant basket into the pond. I dug and pruned and generally basked in the glory that is the perfection of a warm, still , sunny day on Lewis before the midges hatch in July.

This evening I installed the new fridge I collected this morning to replace the one that ceased to function over the winter. Why did I choose the model with the difficult to re-hang door? Then I was so stiff that I succumbed to having a spa bath: something I rarely do. In fact I can probably count on one hands the number of baths I've had during the last 12 months: they're no use to get oneself clean and no fun on one's own.

I should add that I have a shower! Anyway I lay there listening to the Kubelik version of Dvorak's First Symphony. It is my spa bath music. I never get tired of listening to it although I don't usually listen to this version. It can inspire peace and calm and great sadness amongst many other emotions.

After dinner I decided that I had to do the ironing. I have, in the past, said that ironing is ok and I meant it at the time. Today, however, the task seemed daunting and, indeed, it actually took me two complete episodes of West Wing (I'm on Series 1 for the third time at least) to complete most of it.

And now as the sun has gone down into a flawless sky and darkness has almost fallen (it is 2345 after all) I bid you farewell and good night.


  1. Looks like a glorious and full day. Wonderful photos. (Even the spa bath photo----all that white! Beautiful! And so clean!!!) :^)
    My whirlpool spa is my get-away. Light the candles, glass of vino, shut out the world.

  2. I agree! Sounds like a busy yet glorious day!

  3. Oh, I don't know, GB. I bath alone, in this tub, looks almost heavenly to me :o). Everything is so spiffy shiny....aaaaaah.

    That is cheese in your first photo, correct? It looks to be layered of different tastes/varieties. OH - how I love cheese, and strawberries, and chocolate and...and...and wine is good too :o).

    ♥ to you, dear friend. I've seen no new thoughts in "A Life in the Day of". Just thoughtful of you, I am.

  4. I want to be there to.... the weather is just so fantastic. Can just imagine being down at the beach!!!!

  5. Yes as days go it rated 8 out of 10 at least. I'm not sure what would have made it 9 or 10 but, hey, something has to be left in reserve.

    I wish I could shut out the world sometimes Cynthia. I envy you that (Well just a bit. I don't want to transgress on the fourth of the S D Ss).

    It's easy to have a shiny bathroom when one lives alone and my many visitors are usually even less messy than I am.

    Yep Heather it's 5 different cheeses and is called five counties cheese. The strawberries are early season and were amazingly tasty for supermarket strawberries.

    With being away all last week and then being faced with fabulous garden weather yesterday and today (I'm on coffee break at the moment!)I am spending every available moment outside. But I will post on 'A Life..' very shortly.


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