1 EAGLETON NOTES: February 2011



Monday 28 February 2011

More of Pat's Pictures From Lewis

What am I missing?  The terrible weather seems to be improving.  Glasgow had sun yesterday.  So did Lewis.  Here's the proof:

West Coast Kayak Challenge

This is not a reference to the west coast of New Zealand  but to the west coast of  Scotland so this post will appear on both this blog and on my A Hebridean in New Zealand Blog too.  It would be so much easier if I had just one blog!  When I started this the New Zealand blog, however,  I had no idea that I would end up living there for more than just one or two of our UK winters.

This is about a journey to be made by a friend of Andy, our son who died of cancer on the 4 June 2006.  Bruce Jolliffe starts today,  Monday UK time, on a 313 miles by sea kayak from Largs to Stornoway where Andy was brought up.   The aim is to raise lots of cash for the Royal Marsden in London, (where Andy was treated), the Beatson in Glasgow (where, coincidentally I was treated) and RNLI, (The Royal National Lifeboat Institution) in Andy's  memory.  The expedition is self funded. All donations go to the causes. The expedition will update via Facebook, Twitter and website - West Coast Kayak Challenge (with GPS).