1 EAGLETON NOTES: February 2013



Tuesday 26 February 2013

Sometime I Sits and Thinks

...and sometimes I just sits.

Molly will be visiting Eagleton next week and, doubtless, she will do what she so often does and stare down towards the pier and the beach below the house.  This is one of David's (Molly's master)  favourite photographs. Molly would sit and do that for hours. We're still not sure what she finds so fascinating - sheep, birds, folk on the beach?

Monday 25 February 2013

Callanish Stones in Winter

Pat sent me some photos the a few days ago demonstrating the wonderful weather I was missing.  I think it happened to be the day the sun disappeared for a morning here in Napier.  I was going to ask if anyone could tell the difference between this photo of the Callanish Stones in winter and one taken in summer.  Then I realised, of course, that the sun is shining in this one.  But then I think the sun shone for a few days last May too.

At moments like this I could feel very, very homesick!