1 EAGLETON NOTES: September 2022



Sunday 25 September 2022

A Holiday and Irritating Blogger

I'm on holiday. I left the Island yesterday for a week in Bishopbriggs (a 'suburb' of Glasgow although its residents would never agree to that description and it is outside the City boundary so a taxi home from Glasgow a few yards over the boundary attracts a bonus fare!). I can't recall when I was last off the Island for a holiday. I am usually off for a hospital appointment even if I have also enjoyed some time with friends down here.

I apologise to some of my readers who have left comments which have gone to spam and which I haven't picked up in good time (I was going to say 'timeously' but the spillchucker was having none of it).

I also had the problem that some of the 'spam' comments appear to have disappeared so if you've commented and it's not been published then I apologise.

I'm hoping that I'll actually get a bit more time in Blogland whilst I'm away

Wednesday 21 September 2022

Heinz Vegetable Salad

Cro posted this morning about his love of Heinz Sandwich Spread. It is a love that I share. However, Cro, eats it spread on toast. Yuk. It has to be on bread - preferably home made - and, to be really decadent, with vintage Cheddar or Red Fox cheese on the side.

The mention of Heinz Sandwich Spread made me think of Heinz Vegetable Salad and that made me think made me think of the Heinz products that have disappeared since my youth. The only one I really mourned was Heinz Vegetable Salad followed by the Potato Salad. For some reason the consistency of bite and the flavour are completely incapable of replication.

Heinz obviously stopped it because they were no longer making it profitably. I wish that they had sold the recipe to a niche market delicatessen company so that those mad enough to pay premium prices for it could still savour it.

  No photo description available.

Sunday 18 September 2022

Garden Wild Flowers

JayCee at The Diary of a Nobody mentioned that her wild flowers were coming to an end. Interestingly many of mine (and I'm also on an island but much further North) are still in flower although a lot have also died off.

I think that it may be due to that fact that I leave the seeds from the previous year in the ground and then do a fresh sowing in the spring as well. I'm not sure how much longer a season that gives the flowers but they certainly have a few weeks left yet.

Thursday 15 September 2022


Why is nothing ever simple? I’m tempted to say that there was a time in all our lives when things were simple relative to today and, in a way, it’s true but in many other ways that seeming simplicity wasn't as simple as we sometimes make out.

For example if your bus was cancelled or any transportation was disrupted you had no way of letting the hospital know you’d be late for your appointment or any of the similar things which were daily occurrences. Indeed I would say that communication is a huge way in which life has become simpler and yet more complex.

Another example is meeting people when you went into town. You had to make prior arrangements and if anything went awry then I, for one, can recall aborted meetings which caused considerable worry and angst at the time. Now if I go into town with someone we do our separate shopping and then say “Phone me when you’re almost done and we’ll decide the best place and time to meet.” Or if I'm meeting at a particular time a call or text message lets each other know what's happening if something goes awry.

We used to book phone calls at Christmas with our relatives in Australia and Canada. They were expensive and short. Telegrams and their international equivalent could be used in extremis but it could still be ages before you knew a relative had died. Now we can chat every day to friends and family anywhere in the world if we want using a myriad of audio visual or 'written' messenger applications.

Ordinary written conversations with relatives and friends abroad took up to 5 weeks between each letter being written and received: sometimes more. A friend at Prep School had a father at sea (he was a Chief Engineer like my son) and he often arrived home 9 months after he’d gone away and, on one occasion, arrived home before the telegram about his impending arrival. I recall that because my friend’s Mother was cross to say the least.

I mentioned at a gathering recently that I write or send at least a dozen snail mail cards and letters a week. Most of the others present neither receive not write missives sent by snail mail at all. Christmas cards on a reduced level seem to be an exception.

Obviously a book could be written on this subject and many probably have been.

Thinking about it it seems to me that the number of things where simplicity in life these days compared with my youth is absolutely colossal. 

What I can't decide is what is good and what is bad and how many things in our general life are so vastly different now.