1 EAGLETON NOTES: October 2021



Wednesday 20 October 2021


All my computer and phone equipment is Apple. 

All my blogging is done on Google: Blogger, Google App, Gmail, and Chrome. 

I have multiple Google Mail accounts because I've always found it easier to have separate accounts for personal (family and friends) and personal (public), buying, travelling, blogging (for 3 separate blogs) and so on. This separation has worked exceedingly well until very recently.

Last week I noticed that Rhymes With Plague had a transparent grey layer across it. I could not access it for comments.

I opened it in Firefox and by signing in at the comment stage using  my Google Eagleton account. I was able to  comment. However ,  I had to go though verification hoops before I could do that and if I have to do that every time it will be tiresome. 

It would appear that Google now wants to synchronise every account on the same computer and 'owned' by the same person for the purpose of giving the user a better and more targeted service (including adverts when you use Google search).  In other words making sure that it knows as much about you as it possible can.

So far I haven't managed to sort out how I might ever use my iPhone and presumably my iPad to comment on blogs easily. 

The problem seem only just to have arisen. Is anyone else having any problems.

Sunday 17 October 2021

A Walk in the Rain

As is so often the case these days my blog posts are not exactly frequent: I'm not a YP, a Cro or a Rachel. I've actually had a strange month so far. When it started I had a single day in Glasgow booked at The Beatson and a few days  arranged down with Anna to enjoy some Glasgow life. I had three blog posts on what I consider interesting topics to be worked upon. Then everything altered. I've damaged my shoulder and that resulted in doc, physio and x-rays appointments.  Then there came calls arranging for me to have my uretic stent replaced in Ayr.  So I am now in Glasgow and, having had my pre-op, I am isolating until I go in for my op tomorrow. 

Today it has rained constantly: mostly very heavy drizzle that soaks you through without you noticing. Yesterday we walked 3 miles along the local canal. It was a very boring stretch in indifferent weather. Today we decided to walk round Hogganfield Loch. It's in a splendid 48 hectare park in the North-East of Glasgow. It was raining that fine drenching rain that soaks you before you've realised it. We were well prepared.

Mute and Whooper Swans

The rain eased off at the end