Monday 11 June 2007

Paradise by any other name

The views in the photos below were taken from my study: the first one (before the sunrise)to the North and the second to the Mainland of Scotland to the East. There can be few people as fortunate as those who live with such views. I count myself very fortunate.

The start of a new blog

Everyone these days knows what a blog is. It's something that other people do to get their point across. Leastways that's what I thought until my Brother - from henceforth in this blog known as CJ - started blogging. One of those being his 'Hebridean Journal'. I found it fascinating and realised that if some of my friends could chose to see what I thought was of interest, however fleeting, it might be fun - for me if not necessarily for them! So this morning I've been playing with Google Blogger and will just see what happens.