Friday, 15 May 2009

A Frantic Day

Today I have much to do because I leave on the ferry first thing tomorrow morning to go South and see friends and Niece Who Loves Nature (Partner Who Loves Otters will be off to the US of A in work mode) where my dear brother at present has his body parked in house and cat and garden sitting mode.

So I have started the day with the sometimes frenetic Saint Saƫns violin music.

I have a friend coming for coffee this morning and all in all I can see a really busy day ahead. It will be good. The weather is not as warm and inviting as the last four days so I shall not be so tempted into the garden although I still have the garden chairs to paint - in the garage out of the wind.

However I shall be on the road for a few days and my blog may be silent until I reach Exeter.


  1. Thank you Archduchess.

  2. Safe travels, have a wonderful time with your brother (I so enjoy the blogs by both of you - I've only recently discovered them).

    Sending tickles under the chin to your Niece's cat.

    My own moggy is snoring away on "our" bed. And Wellington is due to get a severe gale force Northerly on Saturday (so its weather as usual here...)

    Kind thoughts, Michelle