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Sunday 3 May 2009

Breakfast in the Air

Flying from San Francisco to London last week I was on an Air New Zealand codeshare, Virgin Atlantic. It's not an airline I'd choose to fly with again. However their breakfast was more practical than the usual cooked breakfast I've always been served on other airlines. There was a cheese and ham muffin and a Blueberry Fruit bar. The muffin wasn't labeled but the fruit bar was. Now some people eat these things all the time and I'm sure they are very nutricious although I didn't find this one particularly appetising.

I found it even less appealing when I read the contents:

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  1. I've had some pretty terrible airline breakfasts in the past. Continental airlines usually do a lovely croissant, but on the side are some very dry segments of either orange or grapefruit.

    The worst I ever had was a leathery bun - a bit like the kind you get at McDonalds (or at least the kind you got 10 years ago when i last had a McDonalds) containing a perfectly round piece of what I can only assume was reconstituted egg. Ugh.


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