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Tuesday 26 May 2009

Sometimes It's In The Detail

When I was in Exeter with CJ we went, as we usually do, into the city centre for a wander and, more specifically on this occasion, I wanted to find and photograph Ye Olde Tea Shoppe which a friend had visited 17 years ago. Whilst doing that I took quite a few other photos. One was of an old building (sorry I have no more information than that) which was attractive but about which I would not have blogged had it not been for the detail to the left of the first floor window as one looks at it.

The building

The detail

As to what exactly the significance of the galleon is I am not certain. However behind the present building is the Ship Inn about which CJ blogged last year and which suggests the significance.


  1. Hmmmm....love the buildings, the streets paved with (tiles?), the street-lamps...all with such European character. Wonderful.

  2. Ok, now you sound like me...not knowing the details but having something very interesting to share ;o)

    The first photo and your leading up to the second made me look twice before rushing....I like the element of surprise - oh, yes, I do...well, as long as the surprise isn't scary (do not like thriller or horror movies..do not).

    So....Upon taking a closer look at the first photo, I thought you were going to mention something about the walk way to the side...it looks rather dipped (or caving).

    Then...when I saw the boat in the second picture, I was quite impressed!!! What a magnificent galleon. I do like this.

    Which all reminds me of a photo that I've been holding back from posting. I don't know why...but think that today may be the day for it...I shall link to you, within my posting.

    Love to you, dear friend.


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