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Friday 1 May 2009

A Change in The Weather

Since I arrived back on Lewis the weather has been pretty good. It's been sunny most of the time although yesterday we did have some cloud and even a few minutes of rain. When I woke this morning around 0600 it looked like another day of the same despite the forescast of less clement weather. But this is the Outer Hebrides and within two hours the wind was almost gale force and it was raining heavily. It's now 1130 and the sky is brightening and the sea is calming down again. The ground will soon be dry again. Ah to be back in the Hebrides!

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  1. AMAZING to me, that we are having the same weather here - in little old Vermont, USA.

    May our sun shine again. I'll share a quick photo posting of what it does to our trees (and our noses).


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