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Monday, 18 May 2009

The Forgettory

Little irks me these days because I prize life too much. But I just wrote an entire posting of great wit and consequence which Blogger would not save and which I managed to erase by pressing Ctrl V instead of Ctrl C. Silly me. BUGGER! There. Got that off my chest.

I'm not sure whether forgettory has one or two ts but, as it was a word my Mum made up I don't suppose it matters. My Mum at 93 reckoned she had a forgettory in place of a memory. For all that, her ability to remember was better at 93 than mine is 30 years previous to that age. And, I am wondering, can one have both a memory and a forgettory? So what you may ask is the relevance of that ramble? You shouldn't have asked 'cos I don't need any encouragement to tell you.

I recently adopted the gismos that bloggers like Simply Heather uses at the foot of each posting and which suggests three more postings to look at from the archives of the blog. I find it interesting on other peoples' blogs but I can't decide whether to keep it on mine because I vary between feeling irritated by its presence and enjoying sorties into the past. L'Archiduchess doesn't like them or so she said in Reaching Nirvana.

Anyway there was a posting popped up I had done about the film The Constant Gardner. Odd, I thought, I don't recall writing that. So I went to the posting. No, I definitely didn't recall that nor the film. Not a scene, not a quote, nothing at all. I had ended the posting with the statement that I wouldn't be watching the film again. Well I may have said that in error. Perhaps I will if for no other reason than to find out what on earth it was that I forgot!


  1. I love these rambles :o) - like the linkwithin at the bottom, too; course, you knew that already.

    Your Mum must have been fun - I like the thoughts of a forgettery (?however it is spelled). I also love words of our own, course you knew that about me too, right?

    Keep the linkwithin - it's always a nice reminder to us....and maybe watching that movie again wouldn't be such a bad thing.

  2. I'm not currently a fan of the LinkWithin widget, simply because the posts it seems to link to on your blog don't seem related to the current post.

    This maybe because there aren't enough blog posts to always find a good match. I think the code needs a cut off to say if the similarity is below x don't show.

    I may even have a go at writing something similar myself as I think the idea is good but the implementation is somewhat lacking.

  3. if i my be so bold - i am not sure about the link to other posts - i never go there - but maybe cos i follow your postings in bloglines?
    but i won't stop reading if they stay ;0)

  4. I don't like the linky things. They pick up on the most spurious connections.
    As for forgettory - you may end up watching the film simply because you've forgotten you've seen it before.

  5. GB,
    Fun word, that forgettory. :^)
    I think I already have one of those, too. Sometimes by choice, sometimes not...kind of the same as memory.
    I don't have the links on my posts, yet, but I was considering adding them. I have found some interesting articles on other's blogs because of them. I read your Constant Gardener posting just because of your forgettory story. I find it quite entertaining that you wrote that post in so much detail and now can't remember it. :^)
    I'm not the only one. Yay.


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