Thursday 14 May 2009

I Am Rich

One of my closest friends has a toast. I may have mentioned it before. It is 'I do love being rich'. On one occasion when twelve of us were gathered round the table for dinner she proposed the toast. One of the couples were having financial difficulties. They went silent. Realising what had happened an explanation was given. If we have food on the table, wine in our glass and friends to share them with then we are rich. I say amen to that. And today I have felt rich beyond words.

Today got off to a very shaky start - I was in a real tizz or as Heather (I don't know why I put a link in there anyone who reads my blog knows who Heather is) described it an A D D day. Not helped by a call at 0700 from Gaz: his flat had been burgled. And when one's son and a friend is having a bad day then I am having a bad day.

Anyway the day got better and very dear friends came for lunch. It is Pat's birthday. So I cooked dinner for Pat and Dave and Daughter Who Travels. It wasn't one of my culinary victories but it was food. And the champagne and wine were passable. Daughter Who Travels sparkled and regaled us with snippets and wit as only travellers can.

Yes. I am rich. I am very rich.

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  1. :o) Amen to this...very rich, indeed.

    ♥ to you, Graham.


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