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Saturday 2 May 2009

A Drive to Tolsta

On Tuesday I met Muriel and Andy from The Shrub Stall at Tolsta. They are back from spending their winter in the Caribean. Muriel told me that the Hebes that I'd been after last year were now well enough on to plant and I could collect some any time. So on Thursday afternoon I popped over to get them. On the way back I thought that, despite the cloud, you (dear reader) might just like to have a glimpse of Broad Bay and the sort of terrain in which I live my Hebridean existence. So here it is. In the fullness of the next six months I'll show you some of the beautiful and spectacular landscape which surrounds me.

Someone had a sence of humour and this 'gentleman' was at the side of the road.

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  1. Peace. And humor. What a fantastic existence!
    (word verification: rhapso)
    Glorious rhapso---dy to you, too!


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