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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

It's Good to Know

What friends are doing. Marcel is one of my closest friends who described me as a boring old fart nearly 35 years ago and scarred me for life. He loves France. At the moment, whilst his wife is being the Proud Grandmother, Marcel is in France. His first blog posting arrived on Tuesday. Welcome to Blogland. Happy blogging.


  1. GB, I absolutely delight in this photo. Such a character, he makes me smile. I bet you wanted to go over and tilt the barrow just a bit, just to see his expression...ha.

    Great friendships, purposeful meetings and life shared...it is grande.


    *oh and thank you for the note you sent me of my secret admirer ;o)

  2. Interesting. He calls you a "boring old fart" and he's lounging in a wheelbarrow. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. 'Character' is such a loaded word, Heather, at least for us Scots. Geeb, surely you must have a slightly more flattering photograph of me, but no, don't publish any more. Spare the www that.


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