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Wednesday 20 May 2009

A Church at Bicton

Adjacent to Bicton Park Botanical Gardens that CJ, Helen and I went around today is St Mary's Church whichfor about 150 years has servved the area of Bicton (there has been no village of Bicton since it was wiped out by the Black Death in the 14th Century) and the adjacent village of Yettington (don't you just love the names of some English villages). This is the remains of the Early English church which stands adjacent to the more recent church.

I have mentioned it simply because I was taken with this plaque which is on the wall of the churchyard representing one family's 260 years of service to the Church:


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh! Historical places like that just transport me...
    Oh! The depth of the history is tangible in these photos.

  2. {{jumping up and down - clapping hands}} oo-oo-ooh

    These are lovely photos of history, faith, dedication and love. LOVE them.

    That first one looks like such a tiny door to enter through...don't know that I'd fit in - at that angle :o).

    I stand 5 foot 9 inches :o) with a 34 inch leg. Probably didn't know that, did you Graham?


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