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Thursday 21 May 2009

Travels Continue

This morning CJ and I say au revoir to Helen (Niece Who Loves Nature and Daughter Who Takes Photos) and wend our way Northwards for 730 miles or thereabouts until we get to Ullapool (or Skye depending on how the mood takes us) and the sea journey across to the Outer Hebrides and my Scottish home. This is a journey which will actually take me longer than it takes me to get from my New Zealand home to my Scottish home. Of course it could be done more quickly if I really wanted to but I don't drive more than 350 miles a day in the UK these days unless I have to. I'd rather take my time and stop along the way. Safer and more enjoyable.

So until Saturday night (or even Sunday morning) I'll say au revoir. If we meet along the way because we find a wifi connection then that'll be a bonus. I hope that there will be lots of blog to read and some emails as well.


  1. A wonderful road trip with good company...just the two brothers, whom I've come to appreciate, admire and love. You both are so kindred to me. May The Lord watch over you in your comings and goings, on the road and foot...and bless your hearts along the way!

    Love to you both.

  2. How absolutely wonderful. You two just soak up the bliss.

  3. Gosh, that really puts it into perspective as to how remote your Hebridean home is.... safe travels, both of you.


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