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Wednesday 6 May 2009

A Hospital Visit

There is something comforting about familiarity. Ayr Hospital is a large modern hospital well out of town on a green-field site. As you will see from the last posting I arrived via plane, bus and train (and car to the airport too actually). But I have been there before and so I didn't have to find my way around. That small thing alone provides some confidence. But when I went into the nuclear medicine department I was instantly recognised (from 12 months previously). The lady who injected the dye into my veins even remembered about my son in Glasgow and other details. That made me feel good.

The wards and units are built around garden courts and some of them have sculptures and suchlike. This one particularly took my fancy today.

And this court had been left unmowed:

For those who can't read the notice it says: When the grass is not cut it's a meadow.


  1. Wonderful sculpture. They're having a never-ending chat. :^)
    And I like the meadow sign. I need one for my yard. ;^)

  2. Did the two friends on the rock remind you of the one on my shelf? Do you recall of it?

    The sign is perfect! Much of how I see the truth's of life.

    OH - and when I began reading, finding all things prepared well for your journey...even to the details of what might bring you comfort...I knew. Be reminded that there is no "coincedence" and you are well cared for :o).

    With a (((hug))) and a smile,


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