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Wednesday 20 May 2009

Happy Giraffes

To be honest giraffes and happiness are not two things that have been naturally linked in my brain. Today I came across the following in Exeter town centre:

The context was part of the rebuilt centre on a cool, wet May morning. Fortunately I need neither good weather nor giraffes to make me happy. Although the sun does help, I have to admit.


  1. You know what I need to be happy, don't you, GB?

    Yet...I do like giraffe's...I do like nice weather...also liking rain; and most definately need to be happy :o)

    So...how does "thinking giraffe" make one happy??

  2. Shame a bomb went off there last year. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/22_May_2008_Exeter_bombing

    Only a little one mind, so be happy!

  3. I'm thinking it's the color, orange. It's just bright and sunny. :^)
    (Stay away from those bombs...)
    P.S. word verification: "brish" ----which could be British after too many toddies....
    :^) :^) ;^0


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