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Wednesday 20 May 2009

A Dead Mouse And Other Stories

Sitting as I am at the table in Helen's house with CJ and Helen both working away at their various tasks and with conversation on all sorts of things flowing at the same time I thought that I would show you some of the things that have amuse me over the last few days.

CJ's mouse died. RIP.

CJ's phones died. Long live the (new) phone

CJ is not interested in gadgets except insofar as they are necessary to life. Many years ago he got excited over a telephone in the office because it had six re-dial buttons! This is the first time since then that he has got excited over a phone: because it has large touch screen alphanumerics. Strange.

Big brother is watching you. Er, the terrestial one!

And a couple for Dave - in Exeter City Centre


  1. How spooky is that? You have just posted the coach on your blog - the Grand Tourer in Exeter. David must have been getting ready to drive it around the west side of Lewis as you were busy typing about it. Not the first time the spooks have struck!

    Loved the blog.

  2. The sunshine in those first indoor shots is wonderful...creates a warm, morning-ish atmosphere. It must be enjoyable to sit with those who love you, all doing the same thing and listening to one another babble..ramble...find the best new gadgets...

    I probably would have enjoyed the buttons too :o)

    I am not a big gadget person either, do love my camera and computer though...yes.


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