Saturday, 30 May 2009

Westward Ho

CJ and I went into Stornoway this morning as is our habit and, after coffee and lemon meringue pie (I MUST stop eating so much - CJ is a very bad - and thin - influence) and crossword at the Library coffee bar we went exploring the harbour where there were some sailing ships. I was very taken with the Tall Ship "Westward Ho".


Wonderful tiller - no wheel

The Faroese vessel Westward Ho was built in Grimsby 1884, and sold to the Faroes in 1895. With a crew of 20, she fished from the waters of the North Atlantic all the way to Greenland until she was laid up in 1964. During the Second World War, she transported fish to Britain from the Faroes and Iceland. After changes in ownership, she was restored in 1968 and again in 2005, and today the she has regained her original appearance above deck. She competed for the first time, in the Tall Ships Race in 2008.


  1. What a beautiful ship! The story is wonderful on the restoration.
    Sailing is something that I enjoy, but have not done in over 20 years. It's on my life-list of things to do...own a sailboat (maybe just a catamaran...)


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