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Friday, 1 May 2009

How To Spoil A Man

The man in question being me. I am very easy to spoil. Pat knows that. Being the supreme friend and neighbour that she is, Pat had all the essentials sitting in my fridge for my return. She also included the one thing that, whilst it might be defined as an essential, is the ultimate way of spoiling me: Tunnocks Teacakes. In England a similar product was called Munchmallows when I were a lad. They are the ultimate in delight for eating with morning coffee. Straight from the fridge the chocolate can be prised off with the teeth leaving the pristine mallow underneath. Ok so they had to put the biscuit there to give a strong base but one can get biscuits anytime.


  1. I'm curious as to what it looks like without the wrapper...and how big is it actually? I LOVE milk chocolate (almost) anything :o).

    What a sweet person, to take such good care of a special friend..as you are :o).

    Love to you today.

  2. I'll photograph it for you dear Heather and measure it. Of course they are never big enough!

    Love to you to as you start your day.

    The sun is now shining out of a cloudless sky. How things change and how much brighter one feels when the sun shines.

  3. What a wonderful pampering! How nice of her and how very luxurious for you!
    And we know how I feel about chocolate!!!!


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