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Friday, 4 July 2008

In Defence of Male Multi-Tasking

Many years ago I realised that the easiest way to deal with female taunts that men could not multi-task was always to make the joke first. And I've been happy with that approach for all these years. Until this morning!

It was a fairly ordinary sort of a morning. At 0730 I'd already done most of my emails and a few odds and ends and reviewed that which I would do during the forthcoming day. As the weather wasn't very pleasant and the forecast was pretty poor I decided to make a start on the spring clean of the kitchen.

So after breakfast I loaded the washing machine, made a curry and put it on the stove, carried on loading photos to be scanned into digital format, started cleaning the tops of the kitchen cupboards (surely I must have cleaned them more recently than.....) and then realised that, even though it was only just after 0900, the weather had improved and a very pleasant day looked on the cards. So I put the washing on the line, finished the curry, finished cleaning the cupboard tops, didn't manage to finish the cross-word I'd started over breakfast but kept on trying, dealt with several phone calls and a recalcitrant computer, listened to some symphonies (I was in that sort of a mood) and pondered on life, the universe and everything.

It was whilst I was doing the latter, along with all the other things and a few more besides, that I realised that I was having a severe dose of multi-tasking and managing very well thank you.

So next time I make a joke about men not being able to multi-task if you look at my hands you'll see that I've got my fingers crossed.

Just for the record the day turned into one of the warmest and most pleasant days we've had since I came home - and that's saying something. I spent the rest of the day in the garden (and kept on feeding the scanner.....

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