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Thursday, 24 July 2008

A Spa Bath to Ease the Aching Limbs

In contrast to the heat of today, Monday was a cold and miserable day and my body ached more than I cared that it should because the previous day, amongst other things, I'd put two coats of paint on the kitchen ceiling and two on the walls (The Kitchen). So by 1700 I was ready for something to ease away the tiredness. I treated myself to Dvorak's First Symphony and a relaxing soak in the spa bath. Something I very rarely do. I've spared you that picture!

The Urn has a short story attached to its location in my bathroom. I have no conceptual ability. So when I'd said that I wanted a sort-of-white tiled bathroom and designed the layout as best I could I naturally sought Fiona's advice on the detail. In amongst the advice she gave (and which I followed almost to the letter, I have to add) she said that it would need one large splash of colour somewhere. This urn had been in Uncle Eric's bungalow on Anglesey and had been eyed with some slight disdain (for want of a better word) by CJ and I. However we eventually came to the conclusion that it was because it had held an enormous bunch of Doris's artificial roses. The urn on its own turned out to be quite pleasing. So it became my bathroom's splash of colour.

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