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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Good Ideas Are Worth Copying

I have been scanning into digital format old photos and slides. Given that I've been taking them since I was a youngster that is a pretty major task. One I may never finish unless I am mega-ruthless and dedicated. It could be one for long winter days and evenings but, hey, when you live in a constant spring/summer/autumn environment that's a bit difficult. Not that I feel as though it's midsummer today. It's cold (ok without the wind-chill it's 12 degress and that's not really cold), wet (we've had 3mm of rain in the last two hours) and miserable and a perfect day for scanning whilst I 'spring' clean.

Anyway as I was looking at CJ's Blog this morning I noticed that his Picture For The Week was different from the last one that had registered in my brain. And I suddenly had an idea: have a Picture of the Week on my Blog. So now I have.

Next thing I'll be doing is having a quote too. Now, come to think of it....

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