Saturday, 5 July 2008


I spent most of the day in the garden today doing exciting things like painting all the wooden fences. At least that's a job done and out of the way for another year (or perhaps two). When I'd finished I was standing in the garden looking at a large patch I'd planted yesterday when I became aware that the bird on the post near me wasn't a Sparrow but a Stonechat. How was I going to get to my camera without the pair of them (at first I hadn't noticed his mate on another post behind me) taking flight. So I just sauntered off and they ignored me.

Oddly my notes show that I always see the Stonechat around this time of year and, here, only this time of year although CJ and I saw one when we were in South Lochs when he was here. I wonder why that is given that they are resident here. Anyway I managed the following photos:

Mrs Stonechat with dinner


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