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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Can One Average Days?

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I managed a huge amount of completely inconsequential tasks. I felt really good until, sitting at the (malfunctioning again) computer this morning, I realised just how inconsequential they were. In fact just how inconsequential most of what I do is. Then I gave it some further thought and came to the conclusion that, hey, what does it matter? The answer, of course, is that it doesn't. I enjoyed the day and found the results very satisfying. That's what matters.

So now that I've got that out of the way and sorted the computer (McAfee AntiSpam had got it's knickers in a twist and needed re-installing) I can get on with another day of inconsequentialities. One thing I did do which had consequences even in its inconsequentiality is that I got rid of so much rubbish from the garage (I've burned all the old Scotia Ceramics files) that I've now filled the bins and I have two weeks to go to the next bin day. That could be tricky. I have also emptied two sets of shelves and they will be the next to go when I can find them a home. I'd rather not have to take them to the tip. I find the throw-away society quite repugnant.

I've also installed new lights in my bedroom and the living room so that when I need 'proper' light I've got some. I got fed up of trying to work in semi-darkness even though the existing lighting is fine for 90% of the time.

Today was not such a good day although it started out with lots of promise. However I decided that the scanning of the old photos was not providing quite the speed and quality for which I'd hoped. So I had a look on Google (the way one does) and considered various scanners and, more to the point, scanning software. That was my downfall because, despite its wonderful reviews, I can't get the software to work properly. In fact trying to get my scanner and computer to stop quarreling is quite an achievement. Add to that the fact that my dishwasher has been leaking for ages (unbeknown to me, of course) and I had to pull kitchen cabinets and so on apart this afternoon.

So I had one brilliant day and one crappy one. Pat reckons that that's fine because it means that over the two days the total experience was 'ok'. I think the argument is flawed. A crappy day's a crappy day for aw that.

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  1. Averaged out over the week, it seemed like a pretty good week to me.