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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Kitchen Gadgets

When I cleared out the utility room I got rid of quite a few 'surplus' kitchen gadgets. By 'quite a few' I means dozens. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I started clearing out the kitchen drawers a few days ago. Here is a selection of the things I found:

And there were more! Now there are fewer.

I use a lot of pepper but....
Actually there is justification here. The mill on the left works brilliantly as does the metal one in the centre (which works on a completely different principle to most mills). The salt works too. I think CJ and Dave have used it. Norman next door finds it too slow and prefers the old fashioned salt cellar. And I thought I'd already thrown away the ones that didn't work well.

I like spatulas.

This is a neat little selection from the 'middle drawer'. I couldn't get any more to fit on the (very large) chopping board for the photo.
And the greatest of all these is.....

My New Zealand pickle picker.

If only I could convince myself to make pasties these would be really useful. I assume. Has anyone ever used one?


  1. Like lots of GB's gadgets a few of these need a BSc in Gadgetry to use them. I spent ten minutes trying to use the black tin opener (fourth picture, top right) before giving up and using the 1950s one above it. When shown how it worked it was simple but....

  2. I love the pickle picker!