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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Birds Play. Or Do They?

When I was a young man I sat on top of Skiddaw and watched the Ravens below me tumbling around in the air. They appeared to me to fly upside down. I didn't realise then that Ravens can fly upside down. There are a pair of Ravens nesting near here and they frequently fly around and play in the air. They chase each other. They perform quite elaborate synchronised flying manoeuvres. It's a joy to watch but I have difficulty getting my camera to focus on them because they are so small compared with the sky.

I have never been conscious of any other birds playing until a few days ago when a Sparrow was chasing a feather in the wind. He was joined by two or three others and they had a great time chasing it, catching it and then letting it go again. Then they would stand and 'chat'. It was a most odd occurrence and it happened right outside the Study window. Unfortunately it had not then been replaced and the condensation between the glass has affected the photos.

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