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Thursday 17 July 2008

We Have No Time To Stand and Stare

I went to Town this morning and after hurtling round trying to get things I met Ann and had a coffee at The Woodlands. I'd already been conscious of the fact that the Lewis Maritime Festival was taking place and had managed a few photos of the yachts in the harbour earlier in the morning. As I came out of The Woodlands I decided to drive round to Cuddy Point and get some more photos but the yachts were, by that time, out of the Harbour and into The Minch.

It was then that I realised that, since CJ had gone home, I hadn't once, in the words of Wm. Henry Davies (1871-1940) in his poem Leisure, stood and stared. So I got out of the car and walked around and took some photos of some of the 'sculptures' on the road into Stornoway. I thought that CJ had already done a blog on them when he was here but, of course, the flowers have all changed since then. However I can't find the posting if there was one. Anyway I made time to Stand and Stare and felt all the better for having so done.

Sails in the Harbour on a drab Thursday morning.

A boat out of water. I really love this.

A yacht in the Outer Harbour (photographed from The Braigh)

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