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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Amazon Recommends

I've received and email from Amazon with this week's recommendations. I usually ignore these emails and trash them before I read them. However (I wonder why) the following one caught my eye as it was disappearing (apologies for the grammatical construction - the email was disappearing, not my eye) I saw the following title: Sensational Sex: The Revolutionary Guide to Sexual Pleasure & Fulfilment. I untrashed the email. This, I thought, has got to be good for a Blog posting.

Firstly I wondered why I had been honoured with the recommendation. Did they not know that I was a confirmed and celibate (now) single person? Did they not know that I already had a copy of The Joy of Sex. Leastways I assume that I do. I bought one when it was published in 1972 (newly married - thought it might be useful - must have had something 'cos Andrew was conceived in 1972 and Gaz in 1973) and although I can't recall seeing it for many years I don't usually get rid of books. I digress. The reason, I discovered, was that the recommendation was based on my previous purchases (eh!? who's been using my Amazon account?) or what I own (how did they know that my copy of The Joy was out of date?). Seems an unlikely tale to me.

It also made me wonder what revelations and new things that I could learn from it that I hadn't already encountered. For £5.99 I wasn't hopefull. Then I thought "do I want to know anyway, mightn't I just be disappointed that either I'm missing out on something I havn't tried or even more disappointed that I'm not going to try it?"

I think I'll use the £5.99 to buy coffee next time we're at the Woodland Centre.

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