Friday, 25 July 2008

The Moon

Last night as it was getting dark the moon appeared just above the horizon and just visible to the right of the hill on the Northern side of Bayble Bay. It was one of the fieriest moons I can recall seeing and it appeared, of course, to be huge. Remembering the modest success I had photographing the moon in New Zealand I decided to try my luck with this version. I anticipated problems because the moon was not bright like it had been when I photographed it high in the sky in New Zealand (See A Hebridean in New Zealand: The Moon and Full Moon - Almost ) and therefore the exposure was quite long. The results were acceptable:

For those of you who are in New Zealand or might not have read the posting on the New Zealand Blog entitled So Far But Yet So Near I shall repeat it because it is just so apt. I said:

"We may be apart but when I look at the sky and remember that we are standing on the same earth, looking at the same moon, somehow you don't seem so far away after all."

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