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Monday, 21 July 2008

A Stornoway Smithy

There is a Blacksmith in Stornoway - in fact there are a few but none like this one. If I ever had any jobs in the Pottery such as strengthening a handle on a piece of equipment or welding something that had broken then a solution was always to be had. Not a smith who, as a rule, deals with fine spot welding but if your lorry trailer has lost a side protection bar then he's the man to knock something together for you. On Friday I popped in with a very delicate little job - mending part of the exhaust flue to my central heating. I was a bit unsure (and so was he) as to whether his welding equipment wouldn't just fry the whole thing. Undaunted he took on the task and I went back to collect it this morning. It's done. I waited. No sign of the smith. So I decided to take a few photos for the Blog. I'll have to go back tomorrow for the flue part.

Without two open doors and flash this would have been to dark for the camera.

The Forge - lightened artificially on the computer so that you can see it

Just so atmospheric


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