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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Hair and Pencils

I scanned this photo into the computer this morning. It reminded me of one of those curious things one forgets about ones self. I can actually recall having hair. And, contrary to that which some of my friends think I'm neither felineophobic (sounds more understandable and believable than ailurophobic) nor petnophobic (sounds more specific than zoophobic). Actually what I'd forgotten is that I always walked everywhere in the house, the workshop and the office (even in Committee) with a pencil behind my ear. How odd is that? It probably came from my need always to write down everything about which I might need to remind myself.

Write down or write up? Hmm. Do we write down things for the future and write up things from the past? Must look that one up. If someone doesn't already know the answer.

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