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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Yum Yum, Celery and Wormlet

I bought some celery from Tesco yesterday. Lovely celery it is too. Celery is , as far as I know, the only food which takes more calories to consume than it provides. Presumably a small injection of protein would help to reduce that deficit. However I have to admit that the protein element in the form of a live wormlet was not really to my taste. It seems to be my luck though given that only a short while ago I met a caterpillar in some green beans that I'd bought. Fortunately I'm not particularly squeamish.

You get quite a good view of his innards on this though!

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  1. Good job you're not Jewish and kosher! Apparently even eating a worm in your celery is a no no - it counts as violating the commandement against consuming any of those living things that swarm.