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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Just To Open A Bottle

I'm in the process of clearing and cleaning the house. Now I suppose it's pretty obvious to everyone who knows me that I'm not oenophobic but my apparent desire to get into bottles surprised even me when I was sorting the kitchen and utility room drawers:

The array of bottle openers and related items from the drawers. No one would believe that I had a bit of a clearout last summer too. Actually only eight of them actually draw corks and that doesn't count the one on my pocket knife. Given that many New World wines (even good ones) have screw tops perhaps this could be seen as a little excessive. The big blue monster on the left was a gift from Gaz some years ago and is reserved for the most stubborn of corks. Note that I only have one pair of nutcrackers left (Mum and Dad's original pair from my childhood). But then I never buy nuts in their shells.

The top one was presumably for hunting picnics when a hip flask would have been totally inadequate!

The simplest is often the best. This one's opened a few bottles in its time.

Many of the wine accessories I've acquired have been from John and Sue - I wonder why.

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  1. I love the main photo. It should be submitted to a competition. Or the whole board itself should be displayed in an art gallery - definietly a wonderful piece of modern art. It reminds me of a piece of art I meant to do for the John Moores exhibition but never got around to - staples, paper clips, etc. May blog it one day.