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Friday, 11 July 2008

Going Fishing

Recently Pat and David's neighbour, Alex, took his son and David and another neighbour out fishing in his boat "Perseverance"(which I would guess is a 16 ft clinker). They launched it from Bayble Beach by the Pier. I was at home at the time but managed to get some photos of the sequence of events. Their evening was successful and not only did everyone enjoy themselves but a reasonable amount of fish were caught too. Pat declined to do anything with them though until they had had 'all their nasty bits removed'. Such wimps these modern housewives!

Back a bit further!

That's about it

Yep. It does float.

Maneuvering for position

Picking up the crew

Farewell to the Pier

One in, one out. Traffic's busy tonight.

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  1. Having attacked some Mackerel at the caravan I have every sympathy with Pat. Never again am I going to do anything with fish until they've had their nasty bits removed (and in the case of Mackerel that is all of them!!)