Saturday, 12 July 2008

The Voovo

OK so this has absolutely nothing to do with Eagleton. In fact the things upon which I blog are getting less and less likely to be about Eagleton.

I have made a start on scanning in old pictures and slides. Oddly I started with very old black and white photos and then jumped to slides of the family holiday in Scotland in 1962. Now I have leapfrogged to 1970 and am concentrating on the albums from that era before I start on the thousands of 'loose' photos and slides. It is enjoyable and a wonderful trip down memory lane. Sometimes I feel very happy. Sometimes, because so many photos in the period I'm doing at the moment are of Andrew, there is a huge tinge of sadness as well.

This morning whilst looking for a photo for "From my Collection" in the sidebar to this Blog I came across the first car that Carol and I chose together. It was called "The Voovo". It was, in fact, a Volvo 221 but, for some reason the badge on the bonnet said "Voovo". No-one at the garage had noticed but we declined to have the badge changed and for us it was always The Voovo. I think that I probably have fonder memories of that car than any other. We travelled 70,000 miles in it and sold it with 116,000 miles on the clock and Pirelli Cinturato tyres on the wheels. How can I remember that?

Volvo produced 73196 221 Estates between 1962 and 1969.

In 1956 Volvo launched one of its most successful model ranges, the "Amazon" series. Starting with the 121 and 122 models the Amazon range soon established itself as a comfortable, reliable and well built car which also introduced new levels of safety equipment, still very much a novelty in the mid-50's! The range continued to expand from 1956 with numerous models including 121, 122, 122S, 122 (updated and designated B18), 131, 132S, 133, 221/222 and finally a 123GT "sports" version.

The Voovo with Dad on Newlands Pass in the Lake District in 1972.

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