Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Tiny Camera

"Well look at it this way" I said to myself this morning at 7am when the weatherman on the TV said that the rain (which had already been coming down for the previous three hours at least) wouldn't be clearing from the Hebrides until this evening "that's another opportunity to get on with things in the house."  So apart from our usual foray into town CJ and I have all day to get on with 'things' until we go out across the valley to friends for dinner and I have no temptation to go and concrete or cut grass or things like that. What a shame!

One of the things I will finish off is clearing the loft.  I spent a lot of yesterday going through my box of 'things from the past'.  One of those was the Ensign Midget miniature camera which our Uncle Eric took round Italy during the Second World War and with which he took many many hundreds of photos which, unfortunately, were to us when we sorted through them, completely unidentifiable.  Even by today's standards it is a small camera.

The last image shows it next to the VPK (Vest Pocket Kodak) which I 'inherited' from my Mother at a very early age (she went on to use a Kodak Box Brownie) and was, I think, the first non-plate camera which I used before I went onto a more 'modern' camera in my teens.

Doubtless you have not seen the last of the camera posts.

Oh and by the way, it's 0930 and the sun is shining.  The weathermen at 0700 were only half a day out with their predictions.  But that's the Hebrides for you.


  1. It's a little gem is the Little Midget. can one still use that word or is dimensionally challenged more acceptable?

  2. Can't recall ever seeing anything quite like it.