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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Greenfinch Close Up

Adrian posted a picture of a Greenfinch a day or so ago.  Adrian would possibly say it was a passable picture but it really is very good.  It made me look closely at the image, particularly at the eye.  Then it made me go back and look at some of my pictures.  I suddenly realised there is more to the beautiful Greenfinch than I'd taken in.  So I decided to post a few more.

A softened muted picture showing the strength of the beak in relation to the head and body
Who's a pretty boy then?
A youngster or female - or both
Dropped it?
Definitely got it this time


  1. Good ones! Like the tongue on the next to bottom one.

  2. A lovely set.......so that's how they should look.

  3. What a beautiful bird. It somewhat resembles some finches we have here. I am going investigate and try to find out more about them. Thanks for sharing the photos, GB!