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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Oops - An Apology

I'm sorry Mr Weatherman.  Within 30 minutes of me saying that the sun had come out at 0930 the sky had returened to that grey colour one gets used to here and it has stayed that way ever since.  In fact it is greyer and mistier than ever.  And - and here Cynthia's words are ringing in my ears - the midges are so bad that in the 5 metres between the car and the house we were besieged.

So I think that whilst I'm in apologetic mode I should apologise to Cynthia too.  Cynthia said recently:

"I have a friend in Scotland who says that “midges” keep tourists off of the island he lives on in certain months of the year.  That could possibly be a boon to the locals’ privacy.  It sounds like midges are the ultimate tourist deterrent!  I know that when I go to visit in some distant moon, I will schedule the trip in the midges’ “OFF” season."  The comments (on Facebook Networked Blogs) went:

  • Graham Barry Edwards The midges aren't that bad. No really! Well ok they can be a real nuisance but only on the calm muggy days and they are not so frequent. This year we were told that they would be really really bad but they've not been bad at all.
    09 August at 23:17 · 

  • Cynthia L. Hines OK, Graham! If you insist! ;^)
    10 August at 00:18 · 

  • Graham Barry Edwards Well they are only little anyway. How could they possibly harm us. Hmmm. Seriously I find them more of an irritation than anything 'cos they get in your ears and eyes. It's the French no see ums that cause me serious grief and sometimes the NZ sandflies. I suppose it can be a case of what you are used to.
    10 August at 09:22 · H

Had it been today I would not have said that!  Definitely not!


  1. No apology to me is necessary! However, I AM sorry that you have had to deal with the irritating little critters. Hope it passes quickly!

  2. They are weather guessers.
    Midges I can stand, Moll can but Alfie can't he jumps in water to get rid of them..........Clever dog or it would be if he could swim.

  3. I had two or three bites by UFOs this summer which was enough to drive me nearly mad... Just hearing the word midge now makes me itch!