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Thursday, 4 August 2011

My name is Graham and I'm addicted to my cellphone.

There was an item on the BBC's News at Six this evening about the number of people addicted to their smartphones.  "Some people" the reporter said with an accusatorial incredulance "actually use their smartphones whilst on the loo."  There was a blog post this evening on CJ's blog entitled Must Just Send a Quick Text... .  I left my mobile (cell) phone at home by mistake for several hours on Tuesday and I survived.  I've had  mobile phones for over 21 years.  I have had a post about my phones in draft for several months but haven't yet posted it. 

I learned the Greek alphabet from The Schoolboy's Pocket Book  at the age of about 11 whilst sitting on the loo. It's been invaluable for the last 50 years when doing crosswords.  Time and motion study proponent Frank Bunker Gilbreth used to put information on the back of the bathroom door for the children to learn.  I have never attempted to work out how much of one's life is spent on the loo but it has always seemed to me that it is not time to be wasted.

I have an HTC Desire S smartphone.  Like my camera, it is usually within reaching distance.  It gets switched off or put in silent mode when it is socially unacceptable for it to burst into some form of life.  I use it to communicate orally, by SMS and by email.  I use it to access the internet for information and use many apps.

I see nothing wrong with any of that and I am not apologising for it.

My name is Graham and I am a phonaholic.


  1. The first step is public admission........lol..............Well done!

  2. I have to admit that, on occasion, I will not answer my cell phone whilst it is ringing.
    I'm often surprised at how incensed someone calling can become just because I choose to not answer. I don't ever want to be slave to it.
    Um, multitasking in the loo is not one of my strong points! HA!

  3. In our family, we call on the loo "library time". So, of course, I have basket of magazines by each toilet. Indeed, no time wasted there! I've been known to also read my current book, paperbacks only... :)
    As for the phone, I don't have a smartphone, but my son does. So whenever we're talking and I ask a question, "off to the races" on his Droid. (right now the voice of the Droid commercial is resounding in my head!)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I want to say Welcome to the club... but you were probably there before I was.
    It is a great addiction - and I have no intention of any 12 steps towards losing it.
    I do like being able to sort out stuff efficiently, and being able to look things up quickly. 3G is so worth it.
    My tipple is apple....

  5. My name is John and I'm a Phonophobic...

  6. Good for you, Shabby Girl, I too object to being a slave to a machine - oops, must go, just heard an e-mail bleep on the laptop...

  7. The crucial point is whether you have ever texted someone who is sitting in the loo next door. Or even at the same dinner table.

  8. Jaz, as you see I'm happy to admit it. First step take. Last step too!!

    Lisa, I am biologically incapable of not answering a phone although I have cured myself to the extent that I don't answer it when in the car or when it would be unacceptable in company.

    Norma I'm so glad I'm not aloone.

    Fiona, I always saw you as a techno-communico soulmate!

    CJ, I've never understood how you could be a product of your Mother and be phonophobic!

    Jenny it's good to see you here. I still love the spoken word too much to indulge in such antics - apart from anything else it's a much slower form of communication. As I live far apart from many of my friends who are either in other parts of the country I'm living in at the time or on the other side of the world the phone is my lifeline.

  9. I'm probably more of an internetaholic than a phonaholic. I don't talk all that much on the phone - and when I do, it's mostly from home. Since (unlike you!) I don't travel much, I used my old mobile mostly for 'emergencies' - and text messages with a few friends. I'm already using my new smartphone a lot more, even at home, because I can also use it to check emails etc.

  10. and meant to say how much I enjoyed "Cheaper by the Dozen"... Frank was an amazing person. I read it when I had four small children and liked some of the ideas!
    The movie was interesting - not as good of course, but nice to see.
    Thanks for the reminder :)

  11. Monica you are becoming a phonaholic - I can read that in your messages!

    Fiona I thought that the book was inspirational and I read more about FBG and read some of his writings later. I briefly watched some of the film but it was one of those ones where I already had my own memories and didn't want a film memory to supplant them.

  12. I'm undeniably becoming rather attached to my new smartphone ;) - but actually I've not yet used it to make a phone call! lol

  13. I think I'd sit somewhere between you and CJ. I haven't yet moved past the 'great for emergencies' mindset towards my cell.