Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Eagle

One of the things which I re-discovered whilst having my clear-out this weekend was an early Eagle comic which CJ and Jo gave me on my 60th birthday.  The Eagle was a superb children's comic and the only one that my parents would buy for me when I was young.  For those who have never heard of it a brief read of the Wikipedia article is worthwhile and interesting.  And for those of you in that category then these illustrations will mean nothing - sorry.  But for the few who will these should be quite nostalgic:

Dan Dare was the comic's well-known hero.  But readers will always remember the Mekon too - a real baddie!
The centre spread always had an educational cut-away of something.  When I was reading it I recall Harris Tweed and Boy were where TinTin is here
Text from centre spread

It was quite adult in its approach
Very 'British'
Other names from this edition were PC49, Jeff Arnold (Riders of the Range) and Tommy Walls (an unashamed sponsorship by Walls Ice Cream).  In fact there was quite a lot of advertising in the comic.

Reading this issue today I was struck by just how adult much of the content was in its approach and vocabulary.


  1. I too was bought the Eagle but surprisingly can remember little about it.

  2. The only thing I recognize here is TinTin. My brother and I had a number of those cartoon albums.