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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Brief Walk in Stornoway

I had to take the car into the garage first thing to have a minor matter attended to.  I had an hour or so early in the morning before the main coffee shops opened (in Napier many are open by 0700 but it's 1000 before they open in Stornoway) so I took a walk around even though it was a very dull morning.

The local boat yard had its slips full
Contemplating the morning
The auxilliary power station which is no longer in general use following the Islands being linked to the mainland for their electricity.  So why were all the turbines up and running I wondered. 
'Monaco' seemed a little inappropriate for this Glasgow registered boat which I have a feeling might become a major problem for the harbour authority - if it isn't one already.
Our wonderful lifeboat
Who thought that name up and what's behind it I wonder.
A few of the boats in the marina


  1. A good look round.......pity there were no dogs. I can never erase the mental link between Stornoway and fornicating dogs.

  2. Thanks for the tour... I like that first photo a lot, nice balance of colours with the water reflection.

  3. For Adrian: What? I have been walking Briagha my retriever around Stornoway and Castle Grounds for 5 years now and have never, ever, seen a fornicating dog!

    Where were you walkingI wonder?!

  4. Is it just me, or does that power station look somewhat like a huge old ocean liner with those three chimneys?

  5. Fornicating dogs are often just standing around nonchalantly... enjoying a little post coital attachment. You need to now what to look for Spesh1

  6. Spesh... Click on GB's label 'boat' in the sidebar and read the comments there and you'll know what Adrian is referring to (I think). (What remains obscure is why I remember. One of my first impressions of Adrian's eye for background detail, maybe! -lol- )