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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A Really Really Good Day

The weather yesterday was absolute crap (a well known Kiwi technical term) and the Midges were hell but it was a REALLY GOOD DAY.  Why?  Because:
The house main stop tap started to leak at about 0915 (which would destroy the wood on the kitchen floor in no time) but the plumber arrived and had it fixed within 35 minutes of it happening.

CJ and I went to The Woodlands and Katherine found CJ a Florentine and me a Tunnocks Tea Cake (none of either on display), CJ's latté was exactly as he likes it and we finished the crossword.  In fact we finished all the crosswords we set out to do yesterday.

The plumber came again in the afternoon and fitted a new part to the toilet cistern (I've been meaning to have that done since I got back at the end of April).

The joiner came and re-hung the conservatory door which had gone out of true, letting the wind whistle in when it was strong.

I went up into the loft above my bedroom and dropped a cable down the wall from the booster in the loft and fitted a TV aerial socket in the wall.  I've been meaning to do that for two years.

We went for dinner to Pat and Dave's and had an excellent meal (as always) and then watched photos taken by Kate on the television which we'd been meaning to watch for ages.

I even managed to do other odds and ends and sort some photos.
Ah yes.  It was a Good Day.


  1. It's years since I've Seen a Tunnocks Tea Cake......Like a domed Wagon Wheel.....revolting taste but they seem to inspire action.

  2. Hear, hear! (That's hear, hear to good day - not hear, hear to Adrian's comment. How can you not like the taste of Tunnock's teacakes, Adrian. Obviously some genetic problem.

  3. Glad you got that tap fixed so quickly! And I know it's also very satisfying to get things done that one has been thinking of for a long time.