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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A New Original?

The Lands End catalogue popped through the door yesterday.  I was about to throw it into the re-cycling bin when the caption on the front caught my eye (as it's meant to do and, yes, I only have one eye which can discern letters!) so I had to open it and find out what the question was.  Not that I expected it to be interesting.

I was not disappointed.  It wasn't interesting.

Nor was the next bit:

HOWEVER CJ and I just couldn't stop the amusement when we saw:

Next we'll be able to pre-order the new originals. But it got better (or is it just CJ and I?) when it said that one of the Lands End selling points - no-iron finishes - didn't apply here so they can be worn "with a blazer....or casual polo"  Surely the implication here is that the no-iron finish is inferior.  Surely not?!

But then we discover that the no-iron finish only lasts for 50 washes.  So what magical event takes place between 49 and 51?

OK I'm sure it's just us.  And it did make me take notice.  But.....


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  2. We had a wonderful chuckle and our immediate reaction to New Original Chinos was that it just had to be blogged.

  3. What worries me is the trim tailored fit bit. Drawstring waste would be better.
    what loon wrote this and can you ask for their name sounds like a person worth knowing.

  4. I can't claim to be very familiar with the details of men's chinos, but I find the whole "new original" trend sometimes verges on the ridiculous. Ie new clothes made to look and feel like vintage. Next step will be to first give them then no-iron finish, then wash them 50 times before sale. Then you're guaranteed genuine vintage wrinkles.

    As for the tailored fit... If men's clothes are anything like women's, there just isn't such a thing to be bought from a catalogue.

  5. Sometimes I wonder what this people THINK who the readers of their catalogue descriptions are. But I agree, they sure make for some entertaining reading material!