Monday 5 July 2010

To The Shore

I sometimes find it hard to believe that I live 100 metres from the shore and yet I seem rarely to go down to it these days.  I suppose the fact that I can see it all the time and that I can go down to it whenever I want puts it into the category of the over-familiar.  After all how many of us when we have lived in a place for any length of time actually carry on exploring?  Until, of course, we become bloggers looking for the next posting.  

Wendy (of my New Zealand ‘family’) arrived back here yesterday on the midday flight for a short visit before she and the children return to NZ on Friday.  Her luggage did not.  So, as the afternoon yesterday was sunny (having cleared up after the torrential morning rain) and having kitted Wendy out in a spare warm, if unflattering and slightly large, jacket and a pair of my shoes we set off in the strong cold wind down to the shore:



After a few yards I took some photos from the same spot to give you an idea of the house is in relation to the shore

DSC01020 Looking back up the hill at the house (the nearest building is my garage and workshop)

DSC01017 To the South East at Bayble Island in The Minch

DSC01018 A slightly different perspective to that which you are used to seeing from my house of the view of Bayble Bay

DSC01032 The ‘secret’ beach below my house but invisible from it

DSC01035 and again looking the other way

DSC01041 negotiating the burn at the bottom of the croft (the house is just visible at the top of the picture)

DSC01046 A rather pointless gate now

DSC01051 It’s cold and windy!  Facing into the wind Wendy reckoned that she was getting a facelift and a chemical scrub (from the windblown sand) for free

DSC01061 The House from Bayble Pier using the full telephoto – mine is the nearest house and the study is the white plastic bit stuck on the corner nearest the camera

Once we had arrived at the pier we decided to carry on up the cliffs on the other side of the Bay.  After a while the clouds looked very threatening so we headed up the croft to Pat and Dave’s where hospitality was offered and accepted and Dave drove us home as the heavens opened.  What would one do without friends!

PS Wendy’s luggage didn’t arrive this morning so the first task was buying essentials.  Then we had a day out being tourists before returning home to a G & T and dinner.  The luggage arrived with the G & T!


  1. Great to see where you live from a different angle. And how lucky are you to have a Secret Beach.

    No doubt Wendy was happy to be re-united with her luggage but she looks happy enough to me in your jacket and shoes. Actually she looks very happy!

  2. Wendy will be happy to be home again ( great bear suit )

  3. Ah, so you do sometimes go to the beach!
    The Secret Beach reminds me of the cove near fictitious Manderley in the book 'Rebecca' by Daphne Du Murier. Probably because that's what I am re-reading at the moment.

    I'm glad Wendy's baggage arrived before she had to leave.

  4. I used to go down to the beach a lot more than I have done recently. I used to walk down the croft in bare feet, wander through the waves and walk back home. Halcyon days.

  5. Nice to get to see the full view of the house - and your beach. Well from what I understand you have not exactly been having much "barefoot weather" yet this summer. I can almost feel that chilly wind in spite of the summery blues and greens in your pictures.

  6. These are beautiful photos, Graham! It does look as if you and Wendy are having a great time! ;^)
    A private beach!
    How wondrous!


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